UWOO Ym Heat not Burn For Heets | Vape kits

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UWOO Ym-The Uwoo is an electronic device that heats tobacco from the inside without burning it. Perfect compartible with most of heatsticks, For instance: Marlboro, Heets, Nicoless and so on

✅SATISFACTION-It gives you the satisfaction of the authentic taste of real tobacco. We have many brand heatsicks, Such as Cigoo, Zero and Ccobato unicco

✅ENJOY-Enjoy around 14 heatsticks with one full charge with exquisite design.

✅SMALL- This product is small and lightweight. Around 40 grams

✅PERFECT-Perfect to take with you on a daily basis.


Brand  UWOO
Item No.  Ym
Heating Type  Ceramic Pin
Working Temp. :  330 - 360 ℃ adjustable
Charge Time :  80mins
Smoking Time:   5.5mins or around 15 puffs
Battery Capacity:  900 mAh
Input Voltage:  5V / 2A
Charging Port:   Type C
Smoking Times:   around 14 times (Full Charge)
Product Size:   22.4*17.4*97.6 mm
Weight: 40g
Material: PEEK+PPSU+PC
Color:  Black, Silver, Red, Gold
Compatible With  All Heat No Burn Tobacco Sticks