Aloes wood heat not burn heatsticks | IQOS 3 Duo | Harmless Cigarette

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PNT Heatsticks are Natural herbal-made heated tobacco. Without Nicotine salt. Perfectly aloes wood taste. Perfect for IQOS 3 DUO, LIL from KT&G, and other heat do not burn devices in the markets, Such as Hitatse, Jouz, Uwoo, and so on


It is totally different from the heets in UK and USA, Cause heets doesn't have this flavor. 

Adopting a patent-protected integrated sealing and filling form cartridge design, the fragrance flows smoothly. Using natural virgin wood pulp paper, the paper tube has no peculiar smell.

Non-burning, heating temperature of 280°, it has fewer types and content of carcinogens than traditional cigarettes and is healthier.

The characteristic plant original fragrance particles have small unit volume and high flexibility, which is fully compatible with most HNB smoking accessories on the market.

Adopting golden ratio hollow cooling and 3D diversion structure, the suction taste is warm but not hot.

Adopting beehive microporous filter material to filter the inevitable harmful substances in the flue gas after HNB heating, no combustion + re-filtering, double insurance for harm reduction and health.