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New HITASTE P5 Hnb Device | Heat not burn kit

$60.00 $70.00


  • Newest HiTaste device – released in late 2020
  • This is a redesign of HiTaste’s top rated P5 device
  • Biggest differences from the original P5 is that this one is metal (whereas they were plastic), this is considerably slimmer, this one has a cleaning prompt, and it has a pause function
  • Works with HEETS, Marlboro for IQOS, and Fiit
  • comes in 5 colors: black, silver, gold, pink, and purple
  • offers 18 consecutive uses o this is similar to the original P5 - which gave 16 consecutive uses
  • Has a lot of features; o Display screen o Temperature adjustment o Length of cycle adjustment o Usage record o Automatic-cleaning o Cleaning prompt o Pause function
  • cycle lasts anywhere from 2.5 minutes to 5 minutes – you choose • temperature from 200°C/ 392°F - 300°C/ 572°F
  • charges in 2 hours • $45USD


  • Set preferences: o Temperature adjustment, click up or down arrows until desired temp shows on screen, wait to set o Length of cycle – click control button 5 times, length of cycle flashes, click up or down arrows to reach desired time, wait to set
  • Insert HeatStick
  • Click control button 3 times to turn on
  • Heating time depends on set temperature
  • Device will vibrate and numbers on display screen will start changing once heating process starts
  • Device will vibrate again once the desired temperature is reached
  • Is you need to pause the cycle at any point, just press and hold the control button o You will see a pause symbol show up on screen o Device will stay paused for up to 5 minutes – after that it shuts off o When you want to unpause and resume the cycle, just press and hold the control button again
  • Device will give warning vibration near the end of the cycle and countdown will show on screen
  • Remove HeatStick
  • To check battery status, look at battery icon on screen
  • Comes with a usage record and self-cleaning o To clear usage record: click control button 5 times, length of cycle numbers flash, click control button 5 more times, usage record lashes, click any button to clear o To clean: click control button 8 times, ‘CLEAN’ shows on screen § Cleaning takes 20 seconds
  • Device will automatically prompt you to clean every 5 HeatSticks – choose ‘y’ or ‘n’ • To manually clean, remove cap, use brush or cleaning sticks (brush and cleaning sticks not included in pack)
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