Heat not Burn IQOS device | UWOO YOWO | Lambda CC

OCR device | Heat not Burn device for real cigarette quit smoking reduce 90% harm

$98.00 $130.00

  • You can insert the whole cigarette inside or separate the filter in both way.If you use the blast filter, It will make the taste much better.

For the simple tutorial video please check: Using video manual


This is the best heat not burn tobacco device in the market, it is the best gift for

boyfriend, parents,grandfather or any friends who you care their health and help them

to quit smoking.

Why you choose this product:

1:Usually the burning temperature of cigarettes is above 500 ℃, will produce a lot of

harmful substances. However, if you use this device to smoke, it can keep the original

flavor of cigarettes by baking at 350 ℃. At the same time, it can reduce the production of

harmful substances and protect the health of you and your family.

2:The real smoke is roasted to keep the original cigarette flavor. 

All traditional cigarettes with diameter ∮ 8 can be used , Do not use cigarette oil and smoke

3:Mouth piece be changed, convenient and sanitary. It can be shared with your family or your honey.

Choices the flavor you like. Light, standard, strong.

Unique arc appearance, with design patent. Feel comfortable 

Set the interval time (5 minutes) to control smoking

Charging time is short, ultra long endurance, one charge can use 15 ~ 20 times.