How to choose the heat not burn devices suitable for you

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How to choose the heat not burn devices suitable for you


Since 2016, IOQS and Heets are getting more and more popular in Japan. Many countries are allowed to sell Heated tobacco products, Not only IQOS from PMI, But also Ploom tech from Japan Tobacco and LIL&Fiit from KT&G.


Meanwhile, The traditional tobacco selling amount decreased sharply in Japan market. In the later period. More and more private enterprise joined Heat not burn industry.


Today we will analyse some hnb devices which made by Chinese factory and sold popular around the world.


1: UWOO Y1:

Heated tobacco devices for heets


1:Ideal device for Marlboro sticks and Heets heatsticks. Ranked #1 in 2020 Japan Amazon, the strongest IQOS compatible device. The most common 3,200 mAh continuous suction, 40 pieces are the most commonly used in the industry. Equipped with a large capacity of 3,200 mAh battery, this product achieves an overwhelming 40 continuous suction, among IQOS compatible machines currently distributed in Japan. The 3200mAh high-capacity battery can be used around 1 to 2 days even when used normally, so you don't have to worry about running out of battery when you are on the go. Stress-free charging capacity for those who normally smoke 1 box or more. In addition, you can check the remaining charge with the LED side for peace of mind

1:4 Temperature Adjustment: You can use it to your preferred temperature setting, so you can enjoy the perfect amount of suction for yourself. With a short heating preparation time of 15 seconds, you can enjoy the style you want to enjoy. In addition, it is highly functional, and the simple operation of just one button, so there is no need for complex operations

2:(Wait Time for about 15 Seconds Fast Heating) If you press the switch and start to suck it after it is stressed. Generally, the heating (preheating) time of about 20 seconds is reduced to about 15 seconds. When you want to smoke, you can quickly suck it and the more stable output control allows you to enjoy delicious sucking from the first sip to the end. Easy to clean with automatic cleaning. Equipped with a heating automatic cleaning function for easy daily maintenance. Prevents unevenness in heating and flavor deterioration caused by dirt adhered

3:Compact & Stylish: Compact yet highly functional. It is even lighter. Ergonomically designed, this model is compact and easy to handle in your hand. The simple and streamlined design makes it easy to use even in smoking areas. Available in a variety of colors. Cute rose gold is also available. In addition to the basic black, white, red, and blue, we have released a lineup of 2 gold colors. Fashionable and cute shape and color are recommended for women

4:(Easy to remove and clean) Smooth removal of the stick. Adopts a needle-type heating part that is known for the ease of inserting the stick and the good taste of even heating. In addition, the magnetic buckle can be pulled up for easy and clean removal of the stick. Say goodbye to the frustration of tobacco sticks that do not stick well, and the stress of clogging leaves at the end of suction. Comes with a cleaning brush so you can enjoy a clean and clean stick every time. ■【Easy to operate with one button】 There is a single button, and when you want to suck, simply press and hold the button. Long press again during operation to stop smoking in the way. PSE KC,CE,ROHS certified,so you can use it with confidence.


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