How long it takes to quit smoking by using Non-combusted products | IQOS 3 DUO | Harmless cigarette

Posted by Tao Xin on

Since PMI innovated the new way of smoking:IQOS and Heated tobacco. Until the end of March of 2021. There are totally around 17 billion of stable IQOS users and increasing rapidly. And these people have never tried to smoke traditional cigarette anymore. Heated tobacco is a harmless cigarette heating but not burning. When burning, traditional cigarette can reach more than 700℃ the produce harmful material. But Heat not burn products works at around 350℃ and not burning which can reduce 90% of toxin substances.


Comparing other Heat not burn devices. The lasted version of IQOS 3 DUO can only smoke around 20 cigarettes after fully charge. While the other brand for example: Lambda cc and UWOO Y1 or Hitaste P8 can smoke more than 40 cigarettes with fully charge. Also can use continuously.


The heatsticks now selling in the market for example Marlboro, Heets, Fiit and so on brand which made by PMI and KT&G are made by tobacco as well. There are many other famous brand made by non-tobacco called ZERO heat sticks made by Chinese company. Zero brand has nicotine salt heatsticks and Nicotine free heatsticks. This can help you quit smoking more easily but not that suffering. When you use the heat not burn products for 2 months. You will feel that you are starting hate the traditional cigarette and breath more comfortable.


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